Second New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Second New Hope, But Second to None

Second New Hope Missionary Baptist Church History

S.N.H.M.B church was organized in August of 1947 at the home of Deacon Calvin and Sis. Elizabeth Roney.  L. A. Long, Moderator of the Eastern District Association of the National Baptist Convention and Reginald Davis of the State Missionary Board officiated over the formation of the new church.  At that first meeting Rev. Oddis N. Lewis was approved as founding pastor.

Charter members were:
Oddis & Nellie Lewis Sr.
James & Tenny Lewis
James Willie Lee Sanders
Jacob & Virga.  Pye
Josephine Young
Rev. Julian & Argetha McLittle
Magdalene Lewis
John Andrews
Rev. Robert & Sis. Huff
Theodore & Minnie Wicker
Wade & Nona Brock
Brother Parham

Soon after organizing they purchased the present property and worshiped in a small building known as the “goat house”. Almost immediately, the men of the church began building.  The basement of the church was dug out by hand by Brothers Jacob Pye, Oddis Sr., Oddis Jr. & James Lewis, and John Andrews.  The sewer and plumbing work was done by the pastor’s brother Rev. Grandville Lewis (known as Uncle Dutch).  There was much discussion on how next to proceed.  Folks said “we don’t have the money to build a church.”   Rev. Lewis’ response was “we’re not building this church on finances, we are building on faith”.  And they did. 
For the next 20 years the church worshiped in the basement, while saving and building as they saved the money for the expansion.  We were known as the basement church. But we were also known as a family church and a church of love and a church of sharing.  We were and are a church dedicated to the community.  
In 1970 the church marched into the upstairs debt free.
In 1981 Rev. Oddis Lewis Sr., due to failing health, resigned as pastor and was replaced by Rev. Gabriel Lewis Sr.  The church grew and flourished under his leadership for 21 successful and spirit filled years.  When Rev. Gabriel Lewis Sr.  felt that he had taken Second New Hope as far as the Lord has commissioned him to, the mantle of leadership was passed to our current pastor Rev. Eric Burr, who has continued to be a leader that seeks to meet the needs of the congregation and the community.  We have accepted his commission of being 2nd New Hope but “Second to none”. 
He has challenged us to always be in pursuit of excellence.
Many have come and gone many have worshiped and prayed and the power of the Lord remains in this place - come worship with us.




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