Second New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Second New Hope, But Second to None
Chosen Men of Standard
Pastor Eric Burr, Rev. Michael Harris, Rev. Gregory Williamson
The Chosen Men of Standard is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives of men by developing a closer relationship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through vital relationships, issues relevant to today’s men and the Word of God. As Iron Sharpens Iron, we are committed to the whole man: Spiritually, Physically, Financially and Mentally. We are committed to raising the standard.

Debt Elimination
Pastor Eric Burr
The Debt Elimination Ministry was birth to teach the children of God to be wise stewards with the finances entrusted to us by God, to be debt free and financially solvent to bless others. As the children of the promise, we understand that we are heirs to the kingdom of God, that we are the head and not the tail, the lenders and not the borrowers.

Emergency Response
Rev. Michael Harris
In the event of some local or national emergency, the Emergency Response Ministry have in place a plan to check on the well being, secure and evacuate the seniors and single mothers of Second New Hope, if necessary to a place with adequate facilities, until the emergency has passed.
South African
Phillip Wright and Odetta Burr
The South African Ministry provides financial support to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ in and around South Africa.

Food Bank
Odetta Burr, Judy Burks and Magdalene Roper
On the fourth Saturday of each month, the Food Bank Ministry provides food to anyone in need.

Helping Hands Ministry
Odetta Burr, Thomas Strong and Dennis Crawford
The Helping Hands Ministry provides physical, financial and spiritual support to various local charities, such as The Detroit Rescue Mission, Cots and the Viet Nam Veterans.

Trustee Ministry
Phillip Wright, Dennis Crawford and Odetta Burr
The Trustee Ministry maintains the financial aspect of Second New Hope.

Kevin Percy, Joycelyn Malcolm-Carr and Francis Simmons
The Tutoring Ministry provides the children of Second New Hope with the tools to improve their math and reading skills.

Sign Language
The Second New Hope Sign Language Ministry continues to spread the Word of God by communicating through the use of Sign Language to our deaf community.
Pastor’s Choral Ensemble

The pastor’s choral ensemble through spiritual preparation and song is to support the ministry of our pastor by ushering saints and sinners into the presence of the Lord.

Ushers Ministry
Ruth Johnson
Ushering God's people under the direction and leadership of our pastor, Eric Burr.

Nurses Ministry

Sunday School
Rev. Michael Harris, Judy Burks
Dance Ministry
Bernard Smiley
"To give praise to our Lord and Savior through dance and prophetic movement showing expressions of love for God through mime, modern, sign language and contemporary dance."

Youth Ministry
Anita Alef and Rev. William Harper
The Second New Hope Youth ministry goal is to develop and teach the youth the word of God and to put it to practice in our daily activities. Also, to provide a venue for the youth to interact with each other in a wholesome and fun environment that encourages the Christian lifestyle.

Women of God With Purpose
Odetta Burr and Sharon Campbell
Our Mission is to provide Godly support to the women of Second New Hope that encourages each woman to develop a personal relationship with The father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Our Vision is to provide this through fellowships that encourage, educate and edify our spiritual growth.

Genesis Investment Ministry
Rev. Williamson, Rodney Simmons, Amber Dawkins and Linda Crawford
The Genesis Investment Ministry educates the children of God to walk and operate in the authority granted to us by God to safeguard our financial future by increasing our knowledge of financial matters for the betterment of ourselves, our families and our communities.

Hospitality Committee
Connie Thompson

Church Beautification
Odetta Burr, Judy Burks and Carolyn Hannah

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
Pastor Eric Burr, Odetta Burr, Percil & Connie Thompson

Security Ministry

Reference, Research and Resources
Sharon Campbell 
References, Research and Resources Ministry provides connections and/or validation of services that directly impact or are being sought by Second New Hope members.

Media Ministry
Harold Rudolph and Carolyn Hannah
To capture the events of the church as they happen with pictures and sound so that we might preserve our history and pass it on to future generations.

Substance Abuse
Rev. Michael Harris and Rev. Tracy Pollard
To establish a recovery ministry that will equip and empower former and current substance abusers and their families to be delivered from this bondage, to become productive citizens in their communities and the church, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ that all can be delivered.